In Africa, as in other parts of the world, job seekers lack jobs, while employers do not seem to find enough competent/qualified persons to fill key roles in their businesses. We seek to bridge this gap through result-driven, cutting-edge, customized and customer-centric one-one-one training and talent management services across industries.

To drive this to a sustainable and reproducible standard, we are taking central stage in:

Development and maintenance of partnerships and networks of like-minded organizations and individuals.
Acquiring and curating industry-tested learning content from the world’s leading Universities and industry-setting training institutions.
Tailor-making and customizing trainings to suit individual career objectives and roles.
Securing and providing hands-on learning via workplace apprenticeships and internships alongside coursework.
Availing coursework in a distant-learning/online self-paced mode that allows for flexibility, learner-friendly and context-based learning for all categories of learners – students, job seekers, early career professionals and experts, requiring specializations, in specific subject matter areas, re-skilling and up-skilling.

The Opuvia Talent Influencer (Coach)

Because we believe that you have the competence and the drive to:

Coach one or more trainees in your Subject Matter Area (SMA) during their study at Opuvia and beyond, through live or physical coaching sessions as appropriate (most likely once a month per learner).
Respond to the learner’s questions about the SMA from time to time.
Attend and participate in Opuvia career events when possible.

What we do

We consider it both an honour and a privilege, to solicit your becoming an Opuvia Talent Influencer (OTI/ Opuvia Coach). We believe that together, we shall deliver these objectives, impact the 21st century workplace in more ways than anticipated, and ensure the continuous development and emergence of experts in your field of practice and interest in addition to your giving back to the learning community.

For your time and support in the Opuvia OTI programme, we shall be pleased to provide the necessary communication and liaison support plus a small stipend for every coaching session.

In order that we can proceed with formalities to have you as an OTI (Coach), we shall be grateful if you would please indicate your interest by REGISTERING HERE